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About the Scottsdale SEO Company of Choice


SEO [Search Engine Optimization], is a term thrown around a lot these days. Long gone are the days of affordable PPC, low cost-high performing websites and now, practically millions more competitors are coming online conquering Google and Yahoo as you read this. Recent statistics indicate over 255 million websites exist today [2010]. Your competition will only increase.
Organic search engine rank and natural traffic gains are not an overnight adjustment to your bottom line. Many times, 7 Krown has to sadly turn business away because of the demands of the client. As much as we would like to help everyone, SEO is not for every business owner. However, realistic SEO and Web Development goals are met by the baddest brick busting team of SEO storm troopers at 7 Krown. Rest assured when 7 Krown takes on the project, competitions fall and profits will rise. It is critical you understand that SEO for your companies website is a long term investment. Gains and measurable analytics may not be available for up to 6 months.

So, What Now?
Like many, you are ready to get started now and ready to roll this SEO stuff out. Or maybe you just want a website that performs. Maybe this is your first website. Not every customer is the same, that's why every customer should contact 7 Krown directly and let us help evaluate your online portfolio. Before we can help, we have lots of questions. Some of the things we need to know: What are you happy about with your current website? What are you not happy about? What is your current line of traffic coming from and how many unique visitors are you getting? Most of our clients spend a few days in the trenches of their marketing plan as SEO is a strategy based on a number of factors. SEO is not a formal step-by-step process. SEO is not software you install on your site. SEO is a disciplined art. Think about it. If Search Engine Optimization was a straight forward process every company did the same way, how would they be ranked on Google and Yahoo? Our point is, Search Engine Optimization is a skilled strategy of engineering for an algorithm. Experience and references matter here. There are SEO companies that claim to be Search Engine Pro's, then there are those that can prove it. Let 7 Krown prove it. Call us today! 480-331-SEO7

So, Who is 7 Krown?
a good group of professionals that have one goal. Be the best. No excuses.
From graphic design to Search Engine Marketing, 7 Krown houses a plethora of talented young minds that can take your business to another level. Hungry and able, we strive to listen to our customers needs and carefully strategize, calculate, and execute a plan to improve your search engine rank, traffic and bottom line. It's common to want to send your competitors "sympathy cards" when you hire 7 Krown, but we try to keep you grounded.

7 Krown Services

Web Design
Custom Concept designs to HTML/CSS.
The Worx
Complete Website Development + Full Scale SEO.
Just SEO
SEO Add On to Existing Sites. Costs Vary per client.


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