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7 Krown Studios is a full service Scottsdale Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company serving all of Arizona. You may have found us by going to your favorite search engine & searching around the web using various keywords. There used to be many methods of promotion & marketing a company, these days those methods are limited. Have a company website online & optimized for keywords & phrases in your niche is essential for all businesses. Because of this gold rush to have your website optimized — it seems that everyone is either a web designer or claims to have search engine optimization experience. So let us show you why our website ranks above the competition with a FREE SEO Quote.

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Custom Graphics

Got an idea for your company logo or a sweet graphic? Have you decided on your primary and secondary colors? It helps when you know what you are doing. Let us take it from here.

Wordpress Experts

From basic CMS platforms like WordPress to custom PHP / HTML5 systems with integrated functions; 7 Krown offer’s web development services and so much more.

Branding 101

What’s in a name? Don’t be afraid to blaze your own path. Make sure your name is simple, easy to remember and speaks to your target audience. Yup, we can help with your branding too.

Search Engine Optimization & Web Development Services

SEO for Scottsdale, AZ and the rest of the Phoenix metro area is just one specialized service offered through 7 Krown Studios. Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are becoming extremely important in today’s competitive website environment. SEO is a number of adjustments made to your current site or new website that will help potential clients find your information on Google, Yahoo & MSN (as well as all other search engines). Either your website shows at the top of these search engines or your competitors do.

More than 1 billion searches are completed online each month for specific products and services (ie. “Phoenix Plumbers,” “Best Tempe Nightclubs,” “Scottsdale area clothing stores,” etc.). With the 7 Krown search engine optimization adjustments, we can help make sure your customers are finding your website with ease when they use Google for these various searches. We offer search engine optimization and marketing packages with our new websites, or as a standalone service for an existing website. Contact us today to learn more about our services regarding SEO in the Scottsdale, AZ area. We’re local!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of positioning your website to rank highly naturally in the major search engines, making your business visible to people who are looking for a business like yours in Scottsdale and the surrounding Phoenix area. For example, a SEO company like 7 Krown wants to be visible in search results when people search for “Scottsdale SEO” or “SEO in Scottsdale.” Visibility in the search rankings requires organic natural SEO. Search Engine Optimization involves consistent updates to your site and persistent link promotion. Content marketing is a critical part of Search Engine Optimization in Scottsdale because it develops your brand, and earns relevant links and boosts your website’s authority.

Welcome to 7 Krown Studios, Scottsdale’s premier SEO and Website Design Company. From here we can help your business with everything website related. Our goal is to help your business grow by providing a website customized to your needs as well as your customers’. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization and Web Design, meaning we can not only create an exciting site to look at, but we make sure that it can be found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. A fancy website will not do any good if your customers are unable to find it on search engines. Let 7 Krown Studios help grow your business by increasing your internet traffic. Start here and request a free S.E.O. quote. Also view our Services page to find specific services you may need for your existing website. We look forward to hearing from you.



No clue what Responsive Design is? Mobile friendly? What do these terms mean exactly and why do you need to know them?

Did you know that most website traffic is generated by users on mobile devices and tablets nowadays? If your website is not compatible with the latest devices, your brand could potentially be offering a poor user experience. And Google now penalizes you for it. Don’t worry, 7 Krown has you covered.

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